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Agenda Summary

7:30 am: Registration, Coffee Break/Snacks, Exhibit Area Open, Peer Networking, Product Demos.
8:45 am: Real-Time Data Breach Analysis.
9:05 am: BYOD Implementation and Management Strategies.
9:25 am: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.
9:45 am: Year–End Security Report and Preparing Forward.
10:05 am: IEEE 802.11ac – Is it Needed, Is It Time?
10:30 am: Coffee/Refreshment Break, Product Demonstrations, Exhibit Area Open.
11:00 am: Collaborate & Connect - Discover New Productivity Apps.
11:30 am: Protecting your Network while Navigating Social Media.
12:00 pm: Attacks are Relentless. Monitor, Detect, Analyze, Respond.
12:30 pm: Hot lunch served and Exhibits Open.
1:30 pm: Simplify Your Network with Software Defined Networks (SDN).
2:00 pm: Cloud and Infrastructure Services.
2:30 pm: End of the Main Event, Raffle Drawings, and Finale.
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Date:  April 21 at the Seattle Hilton Downtown.
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

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Date:  April 21 at the Seattle Hilton Downtown.
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

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Detailed Agenda

7:30 – 8:45 am: Registration, Coffee Break/Snacks, Exhibit Area Open, Peer Networking, Product Demonstrations

8:45 – 9:05: Real-Time Data Breach Analysis. Despite the over $20 billion invested in IT security technology last year, countless enterprises and government agencies have fallen victim to cyber attacks of incredible sophistication and complexity. This all points to the singular resounding reality: the next generation of cyber attacks is already here. Today’s attacks are more stealthy and malicious than ever before and are programmed to remain unnoticed for as long as possible until an opportune time in the future to inflict damage. Although signs of the intrusion likely exist, many of today’s sophisticated data breaches are undiscovered for months. Sixty-one percent of companies that experienced a data breach were notified by a third party that it had occurred, according to a recent U.S. Secret Service data breach report. In addition, 86 percent of data breach victims had evidence of the breach on their network before it was detected by them or a third party. This session will discuss how to:
- Profile real time attacks being perpetrated against the network,
- Determine the origin (IP address and country of origin) of the attacks,
- Determine the likely intent of the attacker,
- Detect malware and viruses that may have already been introduced and remains undetected,
- Determine insecure applications and vulnerabilities that may be otherwise unknown, and
- Determine whether a system breach has occurred through a known or unknown vulnerability.

9:05 – 9:25 am: BYOD Strategies. Bring Your Own Device is a trend that is here to stay. Employees, guests and other visitors to your business all carry smart devices such as smart phones and tablets that they expect to successfully connect to your wireless network. BYOD creates unique challenges for each business. You need to know your network is reliable, robust and secure. This session will highlight networking trends and technologies that allow any business owner to provide hassle-free, safe connectivity to ensure the best user experience.

9:25 – 9:45 am: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are vitally important in today's always-on world. But when data can be at rest, in use or in motion - and stored on physical, virtual and/or private/public/hybrid clouds - a cost-effective and manageable solution can be very challenging. Dell will discuss how organizations of all sizes can meet this challenge, through its broad portfolio of scalable solutions that protect data and deliver rapid recoverability across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Its automated processes for validating and verifying the integrity of data helps ensure the success of every recovery. We will also cover:

- Trends in data protection/DR/backup and how cloud, offsite hosting, big data, security/compliance requirements and an increasingly mobile workforce affects business continuity plans
- The value of a common data protection/DR/backup platform that seamlessly and consistently covers legacy physical servers plus data stored on virtual/cloud platforms

9:45 – 10:05 am: Security Report: Looking Forward. The speaker will highlight last year's Security Report which provides major security events and current malware trends. The data included in this report is based on collaborative research and in-depth analysis of 200,000+ hours of monitored network traffic from 996 organizations of various industries. Basically, what happened last year, how can you learn from security breaches/attacks at Sony, Chase, Home Depot, etc., and what should you do to secure your IT infrastructure and confidential/sensitive data.

10:05 – 10:30 am: IEEE 802 .11ac – Is it Needed, Is It Time?. Every few years, some new variant of wireless comes to market. Yet keeping up with the latest, greatest technologies is not just about Wi-Fi. You have to plan and budget to maximize all aspects of your technology infrastructure. So it’s valid to ask, is 802.11ac what I need to focus on today? Millions of new wireless devices are activated every day and the volume of application traffic generated by these devices is slated to overtake total wired traffic this year. To address this we have the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, delivering data rates of up to 1.3Gbps today and even higher in the future. Writers, consultants, vendors and even phone manufacturers are preaching its significant advantages in bandwidth and performance, all being true. However just because something is superior doesn’t mean it is required, today. Begging the questions: Is what I have good enough for now? Can I wait for Wave 2 802.11ac technology? There are no cookie cutter answers, much depends on where you are today and where you are headed. IT Directors and CIOs have to make tough decisions balancing the timing of technology refreshes with the opportunity cost and network impact; this presentation will provide the foundation to make those decisions.

· Considerations for timing your move - should you wait?
· APs, clients and background infrastructure- things to consider before migrating
· Deployed 802.11ac’s reality vs hype, what to really expect in performance
· Is it in your future? Yes, 802.11ac is the new default, eventually you will deploy

10:30 – 11:00 am: Coffee/Refreshment Break, Product Demonstrations, Exhibit Area Open

11:00 – 11:30 am: Collaborate and Connect - Discover New Productivity Apps. What does your business need? Anytime, anywhere access with zero downtime. Stay connected no matter what. Work more efficiently. Connect with your customers. Collaborate with your team. Increase productivity while reducing costs. Stay competitive, Simplify management and manage data from every device. Join us to explore how business is better with strong productivity apps.

11:30 – 12:00 pm: Protecting your network while navigating social media. Social media and Web 2.0 applications enable rich user interaction and collaboration, they also open the door to a variety of threats like social media scams, identity theft, Trojans, phishing attacks, botnets, advanced persistent threats, cyberbullying, and data leakage.

During the early years of social media most organizations blocked access to these sites in the workplace because of their adverse impact on productivity. However, today's IT administrators have the dual challenge of providing access to selected Web 2.0 resources, while ensuring the network security and user safety. This is particularly difficult because of the mashed content on social media portals. For example, an organization may want to use Facebook or Twitter for viral marketing campaigns but prevent employees from playing games on Facebook or leaking confidential information through Twitter. This is problematic with traditional content filtering solutions since they either completely block or allow unrestricted access to these types of content and applications.

12:00 – 12:20 pm: Attacks are Relentless. Monitor, Detect, Analyze, Respond. Lancope is a leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against today’s top threats. By collecting and analyzing NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data, new solutions help organizations quickly detect a wide range of attacks from APTs and DDoS to zero-day malware and insider threats. Through pervasive insight across distributed networks, including mobile, identity and application awareness, accelerate incident response, improve forensic investigations and reduces enterprise risk.

This session will review the anatomy of typical outside-in attacks including infiltration, data gathering, and exfiltration, and then discuss methods and techniques for analyzing file analysis records to spot and stop potentially malicious activity from both insiders and external attackers. The session will include examples of access patterns that may be indicate snooping, malware, and exfiltration to augment your organization’s detective controls, as well as best practices to prevent and reduce potential exposure to these threats.

12:30 – 1:30 pm: Hot lunch served Exhibits Open with Speaker.

1:30 – 2:00 PM Simplify Your Network with Software Defined Networks (SDN). Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of today’s applications. This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions, enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.

In this session, you will learn about the layers of the SDN architecture, how a hybrid SDN deployment can enable you to slowly adopt SDN without the need to “rip and replace,” and how an open SDN ecosystem ensures choice and flexibility. You’ll see how SDN can lower your costs, improve availability and scale, and enable you to deliver services faster.

2:00 – 2:30 pm: Cloud and Infrastructure Services. An open and flexible cloud platform enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. Here are some of the major advantages that will be discussed during this informative session:

- Always On: 99.95% monthly SLA enables you to build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure.
- Open: Use any language, framework, or tool to build applications. Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. Client libraries are available for multiple programming languages, and are often released under an open source license.
- Unlimited Servers and Storage: Easily scale your applications to any size. It is a fully automated self-service platform that allows you to provision resources within minutes. Elastically grow or shrink your resource usage based on your needs. You only pay for the resources your application uses.
- Powerful Capabilities: A flexible cloud platform can satisfy any application need. It enables you to reliably host and scale out your application code within compute roles. You can store data using relational SQL databases, NoSQL table stores, and unstructured blob stores, and optionally use Hadoop and business intelligence services to data-mine it.
- Security, Identity and Access Management: Deliver an enterprise ready cloud identity service enabling a single sign-on experience across cloud and on-premises applications. Allow multi-factor authentication for added security and compliance.

2:30 – 2:45 pm: End of Event, Raffle Prize Drawings for a Tablet, Gift Cards and other great items!

Date:  April 21 at the Seattle Hilton Downtown.
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

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